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J.D. Hillen
J.D. Hillen

Software Engineer II @ Garmin

Hailing from the heart of Kansas City’s Silicon Prairie, J.D. Hillen is a Software Engineer II at GPS and wearables company, Garmin. Since the age of 15, he's been fascinated with the connection between creativity and code. His love for all things tech has allowed him to work for a wide variety of advertising agencies, marketing firms and even the craft beer industry. When he’s not coding, you’ll find him spending time with his wife and two boys or in the pit of a metal show.


Building Desktop Apps with Vue.js

We all know that Vue.js is great for building out web applications. With services like Netlify, Azure and Firebase, going from idea to finished product is now faster than ever. But what about desktop applications? Is there a way to build out applications that just work everywhere? Enter Electron. With Electron you can easily build out those cross-platform desktop apps with Vue, Vite and Vitest. You'll have access to native system API's such as the filesystem, network and user interfaces. All while building with the tech stack that we all know and love. In this session, I will be discussing what Electron is and why it's a great solution for building out desktop apps. We will go over how to add Electron to your project, the gotcha’s with working in a desktop environment and how to take your project to the next level by building a desktop application with Electron.

CONNECT.TECHOctober 24-26, 2023
Georgia World Congress Center Building C Room 201 Atlanta, GA

The largest multi-framework front-end conference in the USA.
A three day event diving deep with experts from across the tech ecosystem.

8 Tracks 80+ sessions 6 workshops

CONNECT.TECH is the largest multi-framework front-end conference in the USA.

A premium Web/HTML/CSS, Mobile, and Design conference at a community conference price!

Looking to attend an React conference, Angular conference, Vue.js conference, JavaScript conference, Node conference, Mobile conference or UX/Design conference this year? Why not go to one that combines all of these?

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Conference Only October 25-26

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Conf + Workshop October 24-26

Late Group (5+) Conference Only

Conference Only October 25-26

Late Group (5+) Workshop/Training and Conference Combo

Conf + Workshop October 24-26

2023 Schedule

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Tuesday, October 24

Wednesday, October 25

TimeMain room (AI)Vue.jsReactAngularCore/Advanced JSUI/UX/DesignPractices and toolsNode.js and Server-side
8:00 AM

Registration and Breakfast

9:00 AM

How to thrive as a Developer in the Age of AI

Mark Thompson
10:00 AM

The Emergence of AI in UX and Product Development: Shaping Tomorrow's Innovations

Kawika Valentine

Vue at a Glance

Justin Reock

Effective React State: 10 Years of Lessons Learned"

Cory House

Facade Pattern with NgRx

Cody Frenzel

Jammin' with Javascript

Herve Aniglo

The Four Principles of the A"POUR"calypse

Todd Libby

How To Get The Most Out Of The Cloud As A Front-End Developer

Erik Hanchett

The Illustrated Guide to Node.js

David Neal
11:00 AM

Morning Break

11:30 AM

AI Proof Your Career With Software Architecture

Kelly Morrison

Building Nuxt 3 Applications powered by Notion

Dan Vega

Domain Driven Design in React

Adrianna Valdivia

Modern Angular Testing

Jordan Powell

Using the platform: the third age of JavaScript.

Justin Schroeder

One app, multiple platforms: How Cross Platform Actually Works

Mike Hartington

Looking ahead using Wardley Maps

Mike Clement

The Challenges of the GraphQL Mental Model

Dustin Goodman
12:30 AM


1:30 PM

The Augmented Engineer: Using AI Tools to Improve Development Efficiency

Will Marple

Building Desktop Apps with Vue.js

J.D. Hillen

Modern Data Fetching in React

Sean McQuaid

Data Entity Mapping, from UI design to code!

Sergio Brito

Typescript Deep Dive

Waller Goble

Kotlin Multiplatform Mobile is Growing Up, Is it ready for Prime Time?

Bill Laing

Accessibility in the Enterprise: The Relationship of A11y and ROI

Chris DeMars

Getting Real with Building Real-Time Web Applications in Javascript

Danielle Maxwell
2:30 PM

From Zero to AI Chatbot: Live Coding with Spring Boot, React and ChatGPT

Lawrence Lockhart

Let's Jam! Building a Jamstack site, architectural concepts, and considerations

David Nahodyl

Vue for React Developers

Alex Riviere

Unleashing the Potential of Angular Material

Srini Santhana

Breaking Barriers: Integrating Accessibility in Your Software Development Lifecycle

Maria Lamardo

Automating Cross-Platform Deployments

Cecelia Martinez

Approval Testing: When it's too late for Test-Driven Development

Burk Hufnagel

Pushing the Envelope: Highs and Lows of Edge-distributed Apps

Jon Harrell
3:30 PM

Afternoon Break

4:00 PM

Unleashing the Power of the chatGPT API: A Developer's Guide to Building Your Own AI

Martin Rojas

Vue 3, Pinia & TypeScript: A Trifecta for Effective State Management In Vue

Will Marple

Secrets of Building Robust UI Components

Glenn Reyes

Declarative Witchcraft: Casting Spells on Imperative Angular

Chris Perko

A JavaScript Developer’s Guide to Identity

Ceora Ford

Embracing AI for Android App Development: The Next Revolution

Sagar Das

Preparing your JavaScript codebase for sublinear scale

Jonathan Creamer

Finding Bigfoot with Redis + RediSearch

Guy Royse
5:00 PM

Humanizing Hiring in Tech

Kelly Vaughn
6:00 PM

Conference Reception (in foyer)

Thursday, October 26

TimeMain room (AI)Vue.jsReactAngularCore/Advanced JSUI/UX/DesignPractices and toolsNode.js and Server-side
8:00 AM


9:00 AM

"DivOps" Engineering: Unveiling the fusion of Frontend and DevOps

Ben Ilegbodu
10:00 AM

AI-Powered Front-End: Transforming UI/UX Development

Gopal Gautam

Creating a Modern Web App Using Spring Boot and Vue.js with JHipster

Theo Lebrun

Managing a React Native project at scale with NX and monorepos

Kevin Bandy

Building better apps with Angular Signals

Mark Thompson

Broadcast Channels and Axios Interceptors for Token Management (with VueJS)

Camille Kaniecki

Debugging CSS Tips and Tricks

Susan McKenzie

Overcoming Imposter Syndrome with a Front-end Career Path

Justen Morgan

Spinning up Node.js in the Browser

Tim Simms
11:00 AM

Morning break

11:30 AM

Harnessing AI for Next-Gen Search of Documentation

Colin DeCarlo

AI Computer Vision: Person and Object detection

Ravi Chandra

Sailing Uncharted Waters: Exploring the New Navigation API

Ray Gesualdo

Building a PWA Pokemon Game with Angular and Firebase

Nick Felker

Optimizing your development pipelines and workflows with CI/CD

Jeremy Meiss

Visualization on the Web

Douglas Starnes

This is Technical Talk - Essential People Skills for Developers

Nerando Johnson

JavaScript Developer's Guide to Webauthn

Will Johnson
12:30 AM


1:30 PM

Enriching Mobile Apps: Integrating AI and ChatGPT for Enhanced User Experiences

Shawn Johnson

Vue and TailwindCSS - A Great Combination or the Greatest Combination?

Shawn Wildermuth

Using Valtio for Data Storage in React

Riaz Virani

Angular TBD

Minimum Viable Authentication: The Art of Balancing UX and Security

Taylor Krusen

Building a Full-Stack Application with Flutter and Dart

Ryan Edge

Unveiling the Secret to Effortless Coding: The Power of Clean Code Revealed

Ben Dechrai

The Effect of GitHub Copilot on Developer Job Satisfaction

Scott Morgan
2:30 PM

Afternoon break

2:50 PM

Confessions of an ADHD-fueled technology…. SQUIRREL!

Jeremy Meiss
3:50 PM

Raffle and conf close

7:30 PM

Conf after-party

2023 Featured Track

The Rise of the Machines

A full AI track to level-up your skills and stay ahead of the robots

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Ticket fee includes breakfast, lunch, snacks, drinks, conference reception, tshirts, and entry into our mega raffle prizes and more!

Late Individual Conference Only

Conference Only October 25-26

Late Individual Workshop/Training and Conference Combo

Conf + Workshop October 24-26

Late Group (5+) Conference Only

Conference Only October 25-26

Late Group (5+) Workshop/Training and Conference Combo

Conf + Workshop October 24-26

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